A chapbook of poems. These were originally composed by taking an issue of Bust and an issue of Maxim, tearing out all the pages and mixing them together, then going through and highlighting the phrases/words I wanted to pull. Sort of an erasure, though not really meant to be read on the original pages. After that, spots were filled in as necessary to aid the flow. 

Not sure if Twine/interactive fiction is really the best way to present these poems, but I am interested in the idea of getting lost wandering through them as if they were a forest. I did my best to have thematic, logical connections between the linked text and the following poem, though I'm sure readers may have other opinions on the efficacy of this.

There's no real ending, other than if you make it back to the table of contents (the long list of X's), at which point you can see which ones you've missed and head on over.

Some of these poems were previously published in 6x6 #26, courtesy Ugly Duckling Presse. They rule, buy their books.

Looks bad in Firefox for whatever reason, use Chrome if you can. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through this, and please let me know if you have any opinions, questions, concerns, etc. 

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